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Google Glass Explorer Young Guru gets inspired by the streets of LA

Amazing 6yr old shows off his boxing skills!

Ever wonder why Kenyans are great long distance runners?


  2013 New York Marathon champions for both the men's and women's race came Kenya.  Any this is not the first time runners from his East African nation win in long distance running.  Why you ever asked yourself why do Kenyans excel in marathons a recent stud...

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Why America Need 6 year High School


This is a excerpt of a TIME article on America's educational system and why it need to extend its current high school graduation. In his State of the Union Address earlier this year, the President lauded the P-tech school, which is a collaborative effort between New Yo...

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Top 10 Best International First Class Experience


We like to travel and we like to travel in style.  Check out the 10 top international experiences in first class. Read More: http://skift.com/2013/10/22/the-10-best-international-first-class-experiences/#6 ...

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Apples Unveils the new iPad Air


Apple unveiled the fifth generation of the iPad on Tuesday at an event in San Francisco, called the iPad Air. The new model sports a thinner design as well as a and a 64-bit processor, a feature first seen in the iPhone 5S. The physical design is lighter and thinn...

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One Man Tackles Tech Diversity


The tech industry isn't a hub of cultural diversity, that much we know. In fact, according to a Human Capital Venture Capital report — the only study ever conducted on VC-backed founders and their race, gender, education and age — 87% of founders are white and 92% of ...

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iOS 7 video explains its features

Trailer for Marvin Gaye movie “Sexual Healing”

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