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Its the start of a new year and your probably thinking “what can I do this year differently than I did last year.” Have you been thinking about taking on a physical challenge? Starting a side business to earn extra income? What about saving enough money to travel and enjoy quality time with family and friends?

Your not alone! Each year, tens of millions of Americans plan to change something about their behavior yet research suggest 60% of them fail.

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and finding the best tools to help accomplish my short term and long term goals. I learned that we all have goals that are important to us but sometimes we lose the motivation to continue to run the miles to achieve them. Why? Its because the success of your outcomes is the results of your repetition and habits. Are you reviewing them daily, weekly or even monthly? Have you shared it with someone else to help you remain accountable or are you on autopilot and think that it will come into existence?


Thats why Im sharing with you some tools and a format that has helped me get clarity and results in my life.

Try to look at your life in 6 categories when it pertains to goals:
Health & Fitness
Social & Relationships
Habits & Personal Development

Each goal that I write under each category I include the word results, giving myself space to write whether I accomplished the goal or not. It’s like your comment box in Facebook or Instagram, waiting for YOU to comment on your own goals.

Next, I’ve tested a few mobile apps that have been helpful and I’ve listed them here:

There are tons of methods and tactics to help you reach your goals and I will share more in the coming weeks as I’m preparing to release my first book Manage Your Web. I have some really cool stuff to share on controlling your digital life and ways to earn passive income online. I promise they will make your life easier without the unnecessary headaches. If this information was helpful to you please share this email with someone you think would benefit from it as well.

Thanks and Stay focused!
Alvin Singh

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