No 3.Sean Parker and Jim Breyer Predict the Industries Social Media Will Reinvent Next

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Sean Parker of Founders Fund and Jim Breyer of Accel Partners spoke on how the world will be different three to five years from now & their conversation helped the audience to know the Breyer’s expertise in different subjects. Breyer has been a lead investor in Facebook, Brightcove, and Etsy,among dozens of other successful tech enterprises.

The two visionaries were in agreement that technology will continue to empower citizens,they were also in agreement that social technology is catalyzing complete reinventions of entire industries such as media, entertainment, music, and art.

Breyer said other industries are ripe for reinvention too.Exapmple:art,for which he gave an example of Brazilian artists who are exploited by dealers if they have to enter the US.

The “craft model” of self-employment in the arts is emerging.Breyer said. He’s meeting college students who are deciding not to go to [work at] Facebook or Google, but to start their own craft- or social-oriented businesses that reach customers through nontraditional means, enabled by services like Square, Etsy, and AirBnB. There is an explosion in that kind of employment. People are working from home or in small offices. This is happening in the U.S. as well as China and Brazil and many emerging markets.


Video Link:http://www.forbes.com/sites/techonomy/2011/11/15/jim-breyer-and-sean-parker-at-techonomy-2011-what-comes-after-the-revolution/


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