No 2. 3 Proven Strategies To Keep The Internet From Killing Your Productivity

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Internet is one of the greatest productivity tool at the same time time consuming also.Example:E-mail-It could take 30 minutes to write but it can be said in 30 seconds or less.It was pointed  out by  New York Times in a recent article that Google CEO Larry Page doesn’t like email, even Gmail, because “the tedious back-and-forth takes too long to solve problems.”

Multi-tasking is a myth & it is necessary do one thing at a time for better productivity.

Here are the strategies to improve the productivity:
1.Turn off IM:Use IM only when required
2.Check your email only a few times a day:This will help to save time & respond to emails immediately in short
3.Schedule time for social media:This will help to improve the productivity & Once it’s a scheduled activity like anything else, it doesn’t become a filler that takes up the entire day



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