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“This unique outdoor exhibition was launched as part of the annual Brixton Splash Street Festival in London, which embraced Jamaica’s 50th anniversary celebrations and national motto, ‘Out of many, One People’ as its central theme. The iconic display dubbed “Jamaicons” was a cultural hijack of the exterior picture wall of the renowned Ritzy Picturehouse cinema in Brixton, and the first time the organisation had ever permitted it to be used in this way.

There is no doubting the enormity of Jamaica’s cultural impact on the world. Therefore, a selection of just nine individuals to portray Jamaica’s true historical depth and breadth was certainly a challenge. However, I made my selection based on my own personal judgement and decided to leave it to ‘the people’ to determine if what i had portrayed was just.

In my selection, I not only wanted to ensure I had a fair mix between male and female, but also between the deceased and the living; the political and the cultural; and the famous and the infamous.

The artistic style of the portraits is deliberately graphic and contemporary, thus embracing a younger audience to be drawn to the more historical and political subjects, without alienating an audience who already has a heightened awareness and black historical consciousness. The iconography of the portraits is then further embellished through the consistent powerful use of the Jamaican national colours of black, golden yellow and green.

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